What should the cost of the wedding?

In German-speaking countries were issued in 2011, on average, at € 5,300 for a Ceremony with the registry office, Church and going out to eat. Around 60 people, on average, been invited to a wedding.* Smaller weddings in the immediate family circle, and without the expensive wedding dress can from 1.o00 Euro to be celebrated. Ostentatious weddings cost several 10,000 Euro.
What should the cost of the wedding?

What should the cost of the wedding?

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While for the Germans in many areas, the Best is just good enough to show you the theme wedding of your economical page.

The majority of Germans would keep in your own wedding financially more back. For 38 percent of the cost of 5,000 Euro is the absolute Maximum. Only every fourth Respondent gave in, costs between 5,000 and 10,000 euros to plan.

7 percent of respondents were even willing to up to 25,000 euros for the dream wedding to spend. For two percent of the wedding celebration can seem to be not opulent enough, you would still spend more than 25,000 Euro.

Eleven percent of the respondents reject the financial Considerations for the wedding in General, because they have no wedding intentions. The results of a recent survey of credit plus Bank AG.

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*Source: http://www.hochzeit-perfekt-geplant.de/artikel/planung/kosten-hochzeit.html

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