Wedding experiences that stick in the memory

By a Turkish colleague, I have received some interesting information, like a classic Turkish wedding runs out. Even if today, the Turks living in Germany not to interpret the various rituals, often quite closely, the customs, many families have a very important role.

In the Turkish Tradition, there are several steps to the wedding: the "mutual promise", the "stop-the-Hand", the engagement, the Henna night and the wedding.

"Mutual promise" and "to-the-Hand-stop"

At the first Meeting, is that the families in the parents house of the bride to meet the bride and groom the blessing. Here are already 30 to 40 people can be together. The oldest member of the family of the groom asks for the Hand of the bride. The family of the groom gives the bride all sorts of smaller gifts. In some cases, exchanged the bride and groom here the rings.


For the engagement to get the bride and groom each have a wooden chest with gifts, such as clothes, linen, curtains, towels. These gifts, families gather often over the years and of course the women also produce much of it themselves.

The two engagement rings gets the bride and groom on a red cord which is used for virginity is. The Couple cuts the cord and puts on the rings, traditionally on the right Hand.

For engagement there is a big Celebration with food and drinks, at about 300 to 1,000 people are present. The groom wears a suit, the bride a ball gown. All of the cost of the engagement – an average of about 5,000 to 15,000 euros – the family of the bride.

Henna Night

The Henna night is a mix of hen night and stag party: the women gather in traditional robes and sprinkle the hands with Henna color. A bride is adorned, you may be with gold crowns "" bribed. Then, required the bride is a another ball dressbecause this will take you to officially say goodbye to your family. For the Henna night of the bride's family about 500 Euro to the cost schedule.

Wedding experiences that stick in the memory

Getting married means for Turkish couples, also a high financial burden.

Excerpt in a new life

Only then is the bride-to-be pulls together some of the rule. According to the Turkish Tradition, the apartment of the young couple must be set up completely new.

Depending on the Region from which the bride comes, there is the custom that you or your family to set up a specific room (e.g. bedroom, kitchen). The remaining costs for the new domicile must be borne by the groom.


When the bridegroom knocks at the door of the bride's parents, in order to pick up his wife, let him in the siblings and Relatives only occur after he has given them gold gifts.

The bride wears to the wedding in a white dress as a sign of purity. The wedding Feast is then the largest. Here there are 3-5 course menus for 500 – 2,500 guests. The entire cost of the wedding must be borne by the groom and his family. In addition, the family of the groom gives the bride a valuable gold jewelry. The family of the groom must apply in the rule, at least 15,000 to 20,000 euros for the wedding.

The other guests of the bride gold coins, which you can hang out during the Celebration to a red ribbon which carries the bride as a gift. The Gold is starting for the "safety" of the newlyweds married life. The wedding rings are traditionally worn on the left Hand.

By the way: For the wedding Ceremony in front of Allah, the Imam is often together with the parents of the Bridal couple home. In this case, no other guests are present.

What wedding customs from different cultures, you know?

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