Wäduring maternity leave and Parental leave

About two Times per year, the "mothers cafe" for Pregnant women, mothers on maternity leave, or for mothers and fathers in Parental leave is held in the Headquarters in Stuttgart. Natural the kids are always! The parents can talk to others, you are in exactly the same Situation, and if you have questions or problems, support each other, or courage to make

Visit to the Department

Of course, the Mamas and Papas will meet on these days, the colleagues from the HR Department, to inform you about the current developments in the Bank. And, finally, a visit to the Department then. The young stands in the foreground, but also the current Situation in the Team and the current business will be discussed.

Always be informed

This is not the time until the next "Müttercafé" for too long, all of the parents with regular information via e-Mail. The Personal Info of the Executive Board or messages count. Who would like to receive this information, just before the parents ' time, the private E-Mail address. In addition, the annual report or the staff magazine, info:plus to the parents be sent home.

Wäduring maternity leave and Parental leave

Sienna Mary was happy about her gift. Your dad is in our Department for IT development.

In the case of events to be

The events of the Bank (such as communication forum, Christmas party or credit plus Academy) invited the parents always. So it will remain close to us.


Some parents are happy too, if you are raised in their parents ' time for a short holiday or Sickness cover.

The 1. Birthday

The first birthday of a child is something very Special. Therefore, there is also credit plus a card and a small gift. "These small Gestures go down well and show that we think of the colleagues on Parental leave," said Beate Riepe, head of human resources at credit plus.

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