Trainees facilitate the Start of the training

The training also starts at the same time a new portion of your life. Therefore, it is completely normal that on the first day of work nervous. To take the new apprentices this nervousness a little, we invite you for one to two months before the start of training in the Bank to take us there to get acquainted with. On this day, you can ask any question that's on your heart and we will answer it.

Informal-of the current trainees at credit plus get to Know

First, play all together for a short loosening up a learning game, where each turn a card on the a question about Hobbies, interests, or holiday wishes, and then answered. The builds first fear of contact ex.

Then we will show a Film about the creation of the Bank , and end the day with a cosy small talk with coffee and cake in the evening.

We hope that the new trainees in our training to bring you closer and the anticipation on the first day, a little boost can.

This post is the author of our trainees Sabrina Kehm.

As our trainees will support the new Trainee colleagues else, read here.

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