The own horse Finance

The own horse Finance

Exceptional financing: loan for a horse

Horse riding is not a very cheap Hobby. Our branch employee from his own experience knew. The enthusiasm for horses and equestrian sport could understand the passionate Rider well. Nevertheless, it was an unusual Situation, as a customer, if your after a loan for a horse asked.

Not just any horse

Since you already visited credit plus finances has, knew the customer, our in-store employee a little, and said that at last a long cherished dream want to accomplish.

Because it was not about any horse! The customer rode the chestnut gelding is already a long time in the context of a REIT investment. As the owner of it then sell wanted, she took the opportunity (or better: in the mane) and funded for around 6,000 Euro your dream horse. Customer Advisor Manuela Freundt: "The customer liked it a lot! Shortly thereafter, she funded a new saddle for us.“

You just have an extraordinary desire on the save or the you with a loan to Finance?

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No, that was not necessary! ;-) – especially since you can determine the value of a living being bad.

Hmm, and the horse is then deemed to be security?