The dream wedding of the German

More and more German to marry, but more and more, the vows of the time. Women in 2010 were at their wedding, on average, 30 years old, men are three years older. Since wild parties no longer have from the age of 30 years, a top priority, the time of lavish feasts over with hundreds of guests and a Live Band, apparently, For a wedding in great style, only 35 percent of Germans speak.

The dream wedding of the German

What belongs necessarily to the wedding?

Feast for the wedding

Culinary when it comes to the marriage, but traditionally: 59 percent insist on a celebratory meal in the Restaurant and on the mandatory wedding cake, 57 percent of Germans do not want to miss. These are the findings of a recent survey of credit plus Bank AG.

Status symbols are less important

Since 2007, the number of weddings per year in Germany is slow but constant. The growing enthusiasm for Marrying transfers, however, is not on the popularity of traditional wedding symbols of status: Opulent wedding dress and a handsome sedan are "out": Only for a third of the respondents, it is important, according to drive and more expensive Robe, dressed to give the knot.

Marriage – a matter of fact?

Even on the honeymoon, 48 percent of the Germans could, after the wedding. At the end of the popularity scale, the wedding night in the Hotel (23 percent), wedding carriage (16 percent) and fireworks (12 percent). Too sober, the marriage don't seem to agree today to be but A prenup would be just to make time every Fifth.


The representative Online study "marriage" of the credit plus Bank AG 1.000 German citizens have participated. The interviews were conducted in June 2012.


Here you will find

for more information about the study results and an info graphic for the wedding trends for you to Download.

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