Saving tips for buying a house

Selection of the own home

Real estate is the location for the price is crucial. Nothing characterizes the value of the object of Purchase more. Therefore, interested parties should intensively analyze the location of the house. For this purpose, among others, criteria such as neighborhood, planned construction projects and the existing infrastructure are of importance. Are future developments foreseen which the value of the site in the long term, reduce, should, in the selection of the property, as well as the purchase price negotiations will be considered. So much money can be saved.

Another tip for selecting real estate is to take a look in the classifieds of Newspapers and Internet portals to throw. Often be advertised homes that can be purchased without a broker. Furthermore, distressed sales are found in these classifieds occasionally. Due to a death or a financial hardship some owners must sell their property quickly. In such cases, the room for negotiation is often large and the house can be purchased, under certain circumstances, even under the market value.

The facilities of the property may also allow for various savings. Houses that meet certain environmental criteria, for example, be promoted by the state. Thus, the potential buyer is not high in addition to the cost surprised is, should the degree of humidity of the cellar, as well as the glazing of the window are respected. This allows for a reduction of expenditure in retrospect.

Saving tips for buying a house

So money does buying a house save

Savings thanks to skillful negotiations

It is the desire of the house chosen by geschickte negotiations, several Thousand euros can be saved. So the potential buyer should suggest that he wants to acquire the object necessarily.

On the other hand, it is helpful to show the owner that his property is estimated. This is, in particular, the purchase of private objects is important, since the seller depends not rarely emotionally attached to the house.

It can also be saved to the real estate transfer tax. This tax is charged on every real estate purchase, and depending on the state, between 3.5 % and 5 % of the purchase price. As a basis of assessment is taken into account in addition to land and building only inextricably linked to the object inventory. This does not mean that the standard built-in furniture, such as fireplace, Sauna, kitchen, cabinets, Bar and awning are covered under the property transfer tax.

The buyer should, therefore, these items from the purchase price calculated out and listed separately let. This can be depending on the purchase price of a nice sum saved, one has then for the establishment or similar.

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A very good article on the topic of buying a home with great tips. I think that it makes sense in this matter to deal longer, and that you should implement this advice consistently. Because in the end, a nice sum of savings can come together. Finally, a real estate acquisition is not commonplace.
Many Greetings

I got a whole eight months use of a suitable house for me to find. With the broker it is Definitely easier but if I again do to I don't know. The time loss is too large. But, considering how much I spent money for my house, it is not more to it.
mfg. Tanja