Pension consulting at credit plus

In personal conversations with the employees of credit plus individually and free of charge for half an hour to one's own pension advice. A pension consultant engages directly in the pension data. In this way, employees can query, for example, the periods of insurance or generally for pension information.

Advice on the age pension

A further offer of Deutsche Rentenversicherung Baden-Württemberg, the individual retirement planning advice is. Employees fill out a checklist beforehand, and then receive detailed statements and explanations. The consultants take a lot of time: one and a half hours the conversation lasts.

Pension consulting at credit plus

Angela Sulimma of the German pension insurance discusses with Angela Slepitschka from the Service Center of credit plus the key features of the pension










Angela Sulimma, a consultant in the service center for the pension plan for the Stuttgart Region of the German pension insurance scheme: "The offer is aimed at employees of all age groups and will be gladly accepted, maybe because we are directly on-site at credit plus."

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Thank you for the article! Often you do not know really, what you have to deal with everything, if you, for example, B fresh out of training. As a non-binding consultation is, of course, worth gold!

Hello Mr. Summers,
thanks for the note. We have chosen the term to the topic in our context in the most vivid and clear display. That was also what Mrs Sulimma of the German pension insurance.
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The employees of the credit plus will not be informed of a pension consultant with respect to their pensions, but employees of the German pension insurance. The staff of the financial office, not to mention finally of "tax adviser". Pension advisers such as tax advisers, legal advisers, independent, but not free of charge.
The Tätjgkeit of pension consultants is extensive and in a cast: Statutory pension insurance, accident insurance, health insurance, severe disability law, Occupational pensions,

Great Article. I think it's important for young people's attention to the advice on the topic of private pensions is possible free of charge. Far too few care about this important issue.

Absolutely indited written content, Really enjoyed reading.