(M)break für pet owner?

This year, it's like the German tourists on the ground. The desire for a simple and individual holiday could also be associated with the animal love of the German people together. After all, a survey of credit plus a quarter of pet owners, only to the place where your pet can take away, according to a Online. And this is in luxury Hotels and Wellness oases known to be more difficult than on the campground or with friends.

(M)break für pet owner?

All of this wrapped up? Pet owners need to plan your vacation thoroughly

Friends as a pet sitter popular

A little more than half of the respondents give to your pet during the holiday time in the trusty hands of friends, Acquaintances or Relatives. Significantly less Pets in a pet hotel. Only 1 percent of attacks in case of an emergency – "If I think before anyone who is the custodian of the animal or permanently on watch." – to the local animal shelter back. By the way: as many pet owners would give away your pet previously, or sell it at a position to expose it quickly is found. It also works the other way: After all, 10 percent of the respondents claimed to travel because of your pet at all.

You can make this year's vacation without Fido and rooms to rent in?
You should not forget:

  • Timely, reliable and trusted to find neighbors, relatives, friends or other "pet sitter" or pet boarding look.
  • MitTiersitter(n) discuss: Who does what? Where is the animal in this time?
  • If you do not want your cat is to do your ball around, or the dog has forgotten all manners, tell you in advance what is important to you!
  • Enough animal feed, etc., for the vacation time provide. Pet sitter should not worry.
  • "Emergency"phone number to leave... just in case!

When our dog was once unthinkable to give it to other people... how is that in a few years, when I'll maybe have another animal again. And how you can make this year's holiday? With or without the animal? At home or on the go?

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