“I am a team player!“

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It specialist for application development, September 2011

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IT development


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“I am a team player!“

"I take care to credit plus, because I'm open to New things and am happy in the Team." Tim Voigt, Trainee at credit plus

Tim Voigt has in the last few weeks, most of the time spent in PHP programming. He has also helped a colleague in a power point presentation to prepare.

Because Teamwork is important to him and the cooperation with the colleagues makes him particularly a lot of fun.

And how are the colleagues like that? "You are funny, helpful, sometimes a bit annoying or Moody, but in a very nice way – and passionate about football," said the apprentice.

What is the tip of our Apprentices and other young people, and especially the search for a suitable training are?

"Used to you to always be on time!"


What experiences have you had in your training? We look forward to receiving your answers in the comments.

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"He who seeks, finds."

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