“he Who seeks finds.“ plug-in letter

Plug-in letter


Training to be a clerk for office communication since 2011


Not a failure, always a lesson

Professional Goal

currently: through the trainings, I made a promise to myself, even better progress

Last big purchase

my car :-)

“he Who seeks finds.“ plug-in letter

"Just in training, I think it is good that the colleagues here are so nice, patient and helpful. Learning and Working in a good Team, just a lot more fun.“ Vanessa Sälzle, Trainee at credit plus

Vanessa Sälzle online a targeted search for a training position at a Bank, sought and was at credit plus find. For your training to begin in the autumn of last year, you could get to know many facets of the banking business.

First, she was in administration, then in the Service Center. For the longest time the reminder has spent Department. "It's not just data management, but also about the right tone of voice to the customer", as the trainees, who now works in the fraud Department.

What is the tip of our Apprentices and other young people, and especially the search for a suitable training?

"Informed you about the training and the companies that interest you. Will active, if you want a good education!“


You have also a tip for future trainees? We look forward to receiving your answers in the comments.

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"To me, with demanding tasks like."

"I am a team player."

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